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Clockface with corporate identity

Clockface with corporate identity

LaMetric Time clockface with corporate identity
LaMetric Time on the shop-front

Grow your social community from your business place

Place LaMetric on the shop-front and engage customers
to like your Facebook page

LaMetric Time on the counter and display deals, discount, advertising messages

Increase your customer base

Place LaMetric on the counter and display
deals, discounts, advertising messages

LaMetric Time tracks brand mentions, industry trends and breaking news

Follow tweets and mentions at a glance

Track brand mentions, industry trends,
breaking news together with colleagues

LaMetric Time shows Google Calendar events and schedule for the day

Motivate people leave meeting room in-time

LaMetric connected to the Google Calendar tracks
free and left time, shows schedule for the day.

Motivate and unite the team with Slack messages display

Motivate a team with successful business results

Found industry related information? Share it to all of your workmates

Notify your marketing team when someone refers to your brand

Don't forget about a meeting when you're chilling out or having your lunch

Make them smile when the atmosphere is going to be too intent

Celebrate points of favorite sports team when staying longer at work

Keep an eye on who celebrates their birthday today

Add @lametric bot to any #channel on Slack to see messages on your LaMetric Time device

Rock with dancing

Wake up to your favourite radio in the mornings

Rock with dancing

Bluetooth speaker with light show

Rock with dancing

Connect music system via audio out

Radio on LaMetric Time LaMetric Time Music on LaMetric Time Stream music on LaMetric Time from your smartphone

Key Features

Easy setup

Connect to your home network with a simple
setup, guided by the companion
app on iOS and Android

Fast Wi-Fi

LaMetric is always on and connected to Wi-Fi
so it's ready to track what's important to you

Wireless speaker

Stream your favorite music services like
Spotify, iTunes, and Pandora from your
phone or tablet

Mobile app for setup and configuration

LaMetric Time app


LaMetric Time front design


LaMetric Time side design


LaMetric Time top design

Left/Right buttons for navigation between apps. Middle button for taking related actions.

What's inside

  • White screen with color icon
  • Stereo speakers
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Wi-Fi
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